Digital Marketing Made Easy: What To Do When You Have No Clue

Digital marketing can feel like an uphill battle for many nonprofits. Strategies and tactics that worked a year ago are obsolete, the hottest social platforms of 2017 are irrelevant, and updates to algorithms threaten an organization’s ability to communicate their message with their audience.

Join us in this deep dive session as we demystify digital marketing for 2018 and beyond.

Digital Marketing Made Easy (1)

How To Create Successful Digital Marketing Goals That Get Results

Course: Introduction To Digital Marketing Part 1: Digital Marketing Goals

In part one, we’re going to show you how to create digital marketing goals. Setting specific goals helps to narrow focus on the strategies you’ll use to achieve them. By diving deeper into the tactical work you begin to develop a digital marketing plan.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define your digital marketing goals.
  2. Identify digital marketing strategies that will achieve your goals.
  3. Map out your digital marketing plan to align with your goals.
How to create digital marketing goals that get results - digital marketing course

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