Google Ad Grants Management For Nonprofits

Boost your nonprofit’s presence on Google Search, connect with new supporters, and retain your existing ones. Our partners at Getting Attention deliver unparalleled Google Ad Grants management services.

We partner with Getting Attention to deliver expert Google Ad Grants management services.

Through the Google Ad Grants program, eligible nonprofits receive $10,000 per month to spend on Google Ad Grants. Free ad credits can be used to promote your landing pages for mission-centric keywords. That means you can boost online donations, increase volunteerism, and ultimately draw more attention to your cause.

The program can transform your digital presence — but only if you put the time and research into learning about the Google Ads interface. That’s where expert Google Ad Grants management comes into play.

As a digital marketing agency, we understand the value that a nonprofit website offers, starting with effective web design and search engine optimization (SEO). Paid advertising is a vital piece of that puzzle. Our partners at Getting Attention aim to take the guesswork out of developing high-converting ads that drive real change for your cause.

Getting Attention’s team of Google Ad Grants managers will work with your nonprofit to:

  • Apply for the Google Ad Grants program
  • Fully set up your Google Ad Grants account or audit your existing account
  • Create high-converting ads that target new and existing supporters
  • Re-design your landing pages to drive more conversions
  • Keep your account in compliance with Google’s guidelines

What Google Ad Grants management services does Getting Attention offer?

Google Ad Grant eligibility check and applications

Initial account setup or existing account audit

Keyword research and recommendations

Ad development

Monthly health checkups with an account manager

Landing page relaunch, including design

Ongoing account maintenance

Suspended Google Grant account reactivation

Google Ad Grants Management FAQ

Their services cost $500 per month, which pales in comparison to the $10,000 you’ll receive in free funding from the Ad Grants program. As part of their fees, Getting Attention will handle every aspect of Google Ad Grants management for you. Their price covers all of the services listed above. Plus, you’ll receive one-on-one support from a dedicated account manager, who will be there to provide regular updates and answer your questions.

We sure think so! It provides free advertising credits to verified nonprofits, so your nonprofit can take advantage of paid advertising without blowing your marketing budget. By amplifying your pages on Google Search, you can connect with new donors, volunteers, advocates, and beneficiaries. Best of all, you only have to apply once. The grant will automatically renew each month. By the end of the year, you’ll have amassed an incredible $120,000 in free advertising money!

Chances are, your team has a lot on its plate and can’t devote too much time to managing your account regularly. Instead of stretching yourself thin, trust someone who already knows how the program works.

We’ve seen the power that the program holds and fully trust Getting Attention to help you fulfill that potential. Their Google Ad Grant agency understands the nonprofit sector and can help you pinpoint the keywords that your prospects are searching online. Your dedicated account manager will keep an eye on your ads to make sure they’re performing as well as possible, and you can trust that they’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Getting Attention’s Approach to Google Grants Management

Introduction Call

Meet with a member of the Getting Attention team to chat about your mission, get a glimpse of their tried-and-true strategies, and hear their game plan for your Google Grants strategy. They’ll take the time to understand your mission and determine how to help you be successful.


Getting Attention will dive into your website, and if you already have a Google Grants account, they’ll evaluate it. From here, they’ll develop a winning strategy tailored to your organization.


Acting as an extension of your team, they’ll work with you to launch new campaigns, pages, and ads that connect you with your audience.


Even after you launch your ads, the Getting Attention team won’t rest! They’ll keep an eye on conversions and make adjustments to your ads as needed.

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