Hiring A Google Grants Manager: A Guide & 9 Agencies

March 15, 2023 0 Comments

Through the Google Ad Grants program, nonprofits everywhere can leverage pay-per-click (PPC) marketing for free. Google awards eligible nonprofits $10,000 a month to spend on its paid advertising platform.

By amplifying their content on Google Search, participating organizations can connect with motivated prospects searching for their causes online. Best of all, there are professional Google Grants managers out there to help nonprofits like you navigate the program and create the most compelling ads possible.

Claiming over 93% of search engine market share worldwide, Google is the world’s most popular search engine, so you’re missing out if you haven’t joined the program yet.


Many nonprofits don’t have enough free time to allocate to the program, which is why they turn to professional Google Grants agencies. These agencies dedicate their time to learning the program’s requirements, how to use the Google Ads interface, and how to compose engaging ads. Professional account management can empower you to make the most of your marketing budget.

If outsourcing your Google Ads work sounds like an offer you can’t refuse, take the time to find an agency that offers the exact services and expertise your team needs. To help you find the right fit for your organization, here’s what we’ll cover:

By the end of this guide, you’ll have everything you need to find and hire a Google Grants manager. As digital marketing experts ourselves, we’ve seen the potential search engine marketing holds. While we specialize in search engine optimization, our friends at Getting Attention know what it takes to make the most of Google Ad Grants. They’re certified Google Partners, which means they’ve undergone a vetting process and demonstrated reliable knowledge of the program. We recommend you reach out to their team for all your Google Grants needs!
Turn to our recommended Google Grants manager for a free consultation.

The Basics of Google Ad Grant Management

Before plunging into the buying process, take some time to understand exactly what Google is offering through its program. That way, you can determine if it’s worth pursuing and if outsourcing the work to a professional Google Grants manager is the best move for your team.

How do I manage Google Grants?

There’s a lot more to a successful Google Grants management strategy than simply writing ads and calling it a day. From conducting keyword research to meeting Google’s compliance requirements, an optimized account takes a lot of work.

Once you’ve applied to the program, you’ll need to set up your account, create your ads, and actively monitor performance. Managing your account requires you to log in regularly, research keywords, adjust your ads based on their performance, and ensure you’re adhering to Google compliance rules.

Google recommends you log in at least once or twice a month. However, you’ll want to log in more frequently to make necessary adjustments and maximize conversions.

Understanding this, many nonprofits reach out to expert Google Grants managers for help. Especially when certified by Google, these individuals know what goes into successful account management and can devote their attention fully to the program.

Do Google Ad Grants work?

Yes, nonprofits of all sizes can generate valuable traffic using the Google Ad Grant. The program is most effective for organizations with discussion-worthy causes and content centered on related topics that people are actively searching for online.

By developing a smart Google Grants management strategy, you can take your digital marketing to the next level. After all, digital giving is on the rise. Today, around 54% of donors worldwide prefer to give online using a credit or debit card, and online revenue has consistently grown over the past several years. Getting your website in front of many prospects is key to driving more digital donations.

Additionally, you can accomplish much more than just promoting your donation page using the Google Ad Grant. The program empowers you to achieve all sorts of goals, whether you’re looking to increase advocacy participation, boost volunteer registrations, or provide resources to your beneficiaries.

Nonprofits usually outsource the work to a Google Grants manager, so they can achieve goals like increasing fundraising.

However, achieving your goals may take some trial and error, which ultimately translates to time and patience. An expert Google Grants agency can help you harness the grant’s power much quicker than if you’re starting on your own!

What is a Google Grants agency?

A Google Ad Grants manager is an individual or agency composed of marketing experts that helps nonprofits manage their Google Ads accounts. Getting Attention’s guide to Google Grants agencies explains that Many nonprofits turn to general marketing professionals to help set up, develop, and maintain their Google Ad campaigns. However, the Google Ad Grant program is not like other Google Ads accounts.

For instance, Google has very specific compliance requirements that nonprofits must follow. Failing to abide by these rules will result in account suspension. A dedicated Google Ad Grants manager takes the time to understand these regulations in order to keep your account up and running. Better yet, those certified by Google are the first to hear about any program updates, like compliance rule updates.

Common Services That Google Grant Managers Offer

A professional Google Grants manager can take the guesswork out of optimizing your account. From determining your eligibility to building out your campaigns, they’ll handle every step of the process.

The right expert will act as an extension of your team, working to understand your cause and tailor your Google Ad Grants management strategy to meet your unique objectives. They’ll strive to create winning ad campaigns to supercharge your digital marketing.

To empower their nonprofit clients to reach new heights, they’ll often offer Google Grants management services, such as:

  • Google Grants applications. If you haven’t applied for the program yet, an agency can handle that for you. They’ll start by confirming your eligibility. Then, they’ll help you register your organization with TechSoup or Percent, create a Google For Nonprofits account, bring your website up to code with the program’s rules, and submit your application to the Google Ad Grants team.
  • Ad creation and keyword research. A Google Grants manager will structure your account properly and create ad campaigns that target valuable keywords. They’ll use keyword research tools to pinpoint the terms your prospects tend to search on Google.
  • Account management and reporting. A properly-structured Google Grant account will run three to five campaigns at once to drive conversions. A dedicated manager will actively monitor these campaigns and make adjustments based on performance. Using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, they’ll keep you in the loop with live dashboards and reports that you can reference at any time.
  • Monthly compliance. Google requires Ad Grant recipients to meet a series of ongoing requirements, including maintaining a 5% click-through rate and having valid conversion tracking set up. Your Google Grants manager will ensure that your account complies with these rules at all times.
  • Google Ad Grant account reactivation. In a perfect world, your Google Grants manager will keep your account in good standing. However, the program is pretty strict with its requirements. If your account ever gets suspended for any reason, a Google Grants manager can promptly resolve issues and get your account up and running again.

Google Grants professionals excel at creating compelling campaigns that persuade users to click through to your site. These experts spend all of their time learning the ins and outs of the program, allowing your team to reinvest its focus into other areas of your mission.

The Process of Hiring A Google Grants Manager

As with any purchasing decision, you should take care in choosing the right Google Grants manager to cultivate your account.

Google has a list of certified agencies that it has already vetted, which serves as a great resource. When browsing this list, what matters is that they’ll provide the tailored support your team needs and full transparency into their work.

Double the Donation’s guide to hiring a Google Grants agency dives into the process of finding the perfect fit for your team. To make the most of your $10,000 each month, refer to these key steps:

  1. Find Google Grants agencies that offer the services you need. You need a partner whose processes align with your expectations. For instance, if you want full transparency into performance, look for a partner that offers comprehensive reporting. If you’re looking for expert support because of a lapsed or deactivated account, look for a Google Grants manager that offers reactivation services.
  2. Explore the agency’s website. A Google Grants manager’s website is the first resource you can leverage to understand their offerings better. To start, you’ll get a sense of their approach to Google Ad Grants management and have the opportunity to check that their fees align with your budget. Oftentimes, established agencies will also include testimonials from clients or examples of their work in action.
  3. Set up a meeting to learn more. If an agency seems like a good fit, your final step is to set up a consultation. Chatting with their team will enable you to ask about their services and see if their team will mesh well with yours.

This graphic explains the process of hiring a Google Grants manager.Spending time upfront to find the right Google Grants agency will pay off as you start generating ads that encapsulate your cause. Again, we recommend choosing an agency that’s certified by Google since they’ve demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of the Google Ads platform. Just ensure whoever you choose offers the services you need and is willing to take the time to understand your cause.

Our 9 Recommended Google Grants Managers

To help kickstart your process of hiring an agency, we’ve pulled together a list of top recommendations. Each of these agencies works with nonprofits to strengthen their Google Ad Grant management strategies. They’ve displayed clear expertise on the program’s requirements and have worked with organizations to amplify their causes using Google Search.

Use this list as a solid starting point for your research. Then, dive further into each agency’s site to learn more about their approaches and narrow down your options.

Getting Attention is our recommended Google Grants manager for all nonprofits.

1. Getting Attention

As our recommended partner, Getting Attention is a full-service, Google-certified Google Grants agency. They devote their time to Google Grants management and fully understand the program’s nuances.

By assigning you a dedicated account manager, they’ll act as an extension of your team, working to understand your mission and digital marketing goals. In turn, you’ll receive one-on-one support tailored to your nonprofit.

By managing every aspect of your Google Ad Grants account, they’ll help get your content in front of qualified prospects ready to support your cause. Partnering with Getting Attention will allow you to tap into these core services:

  • Eligibility check and applications. Your Google Ad Grant manager will confirm your eligibility for the program and complete the entire application process for you. You’ll be up and running in no time!
  • Initial account setup or existing account audit. Once you’re approved for the program, Getting Attention will set up your Google Grant account and structure it according to Google’s guidelines. If you’ve already created your account, their team will review your account and pinpoint opportunities for improvement.
  • Ongoing account hygiene. From maintaining a 5% click-through rate to having the appropriate number of ad campaigns, your Google grant manager will make sure your account always meets the program’s standards.
  • Keyword research and ad creation. With plenty of search engine marketing (SEM) experience, your account expert will help you design winning ads that target the right keywords. That way, you can connect with the right prospects through your ads.
  • Suspended Google Grant account reactivation. If your account ever lapses or gets suspended, your Google Grants manager will work with Google’s team to get it back in action. That way, you can continue pursuing your mission as quickly as possible. As a certified Google Partner, they have a direct line to the Google Ad Grants team.
  • Comprehensive reporting. At your monthly health checkup meetings, your dedicated account manager will provide detailed updates on your ad performance.

Take a look at Getting Attention's website to learn more about this full-service Google Grants manager.

Getting Started with This Google Grants Agency

Getting Attention offers a transparent pricing model. You’ll receive all the services listed above for $500 per month—no surprise add-ons.

If you need additional services beyond what’s listed on their website, your consultation meeting is a perfect time to discuss that! The team is open to chatting about their experience in other areas of Google Ad Grant management, so you can receive the exact support you need.

Partner with our recommended Google Ad Grants managers at Getting Attention.DNL OmniMedia is a nonprofit technology and Google Grants manager.

2. DNL OmniMedia

DNL OmniMedia is a nonprofit technology consulting agency that strives to help organizations leverage technology to amplify their missions. Their goal is to simplify seemingly complex technology like the Google Ad Grants interface, so nonprofits can do more for their causes without code and data slowing them down.

They don’t specialize solely in Google Ad Grants management, but they offer specialized services that will help your nonprofit leverage the program effectively.

Their Google Ad Grants services include:

  • Keyword strategy. DNL OmniMedia will help craft a Google Grants strategy that aligns with the rest of your digital marketing plan. They’ll create a keyword strategy that connects you with prospective supporters and supports your broader goals.
  • Ad copy development. Their experts will write and test ad copy to maximize your impressions and clicks. In turn, you’ll inspire more prospects to click through to your website.
  • Reporting and analytics. Backed by plenty of experience with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, DNL OmniMedia will create reports and interpret the data for your team. That way, you’ll never question your ad performance.

Learn more about this Google Grants manager by visiting the DNL OmniMedia website.

Getting Started With This Google Grants Agency

DNL OmniMedia is a trustworthy partner for all your technology-related needs! They’ll work with you to create a Google Grants management strategy that fits into your broader goals. Whether you’re looking to strengthen your website or better understand your campaign data, this Google Grants agency is a trustworthy option.

TrueSense is a certified professional Google Ad Grant agency.

3. TrueSense Marketing

Composed of more than 200 SEM experts, TrueSense Marketing is a reliable Google Grants manager. As a certified professional Google Ad Grant agency, you can trust them to take your account strategy up a notch. They’re a full-service agency, meaning they’ll handle every part of the process. From your application to ongoing account maintenance, they’ll work with you to make the most of your $10,000 each month.

Taking a hands-on approach, TrueSense Marketing offers these core services:

  • Google Analytics and optimization. TrueSense Marketing goes above and beyond with campaign data. They’ll track your supporters’ interactions on your site and provide insight into the overall success of your ads.
  • Comprehensive campaigns. With TrueSense Marketing, you’re not confined to donor campaigns. They’ll leverage your grant to reach your entire community of volunteers, advocates, and beneficiaries as well.
  • A/B testing. This Google Grants agency takes extra steps to ensure ads are optimized. By testing different versions of your ads, they’ll discover exactly what inspires your audience to take action. Then, they’ll adjust your ads to resonate with those prospects.

Take a look at TrueSense's website to explore this agency's Google Grants management services.

Getting Started With This Google Grants Agency

If you’re looking for an agency with a hands-on approach, TrueSense may be the right partner for you! Explore their site to learn more about their Google Ad Grant management services.

Allegiance Group is a trusted Google Grants manager.

4. Allegiance Group

Allegiance Group partners with nonprofits and associations to inspire action and achieve more through fundraising, marketing, and technology solutions. They’ll help you develop a multichannel marketing strategy, ensuring your digital and offline marketing channels work together to achieve your objectives. As part of their digital marketing services, they help nonprofits to get more out of the Google Ad Grants program through specialized consulting.

Some of their Google Ad Grants services include:

  • Form optimization. This Google Grants manager has plenty of firsthand experience designing forms on different platforms. Whether you’re looking for expertise using Blackbaud, Mailchimp, or another platform, they’ll help you drive more form completions with user-friendly designs.
  • Ad development. Allegiance Group will produce your ads, targeting the keywords that matter most to your mission. Each ad will aim to capture your audience’s attention.
  • Reporting. Their team will stay on top of analytics, making sure your campaigns are optimized at all times. With custom implementations of Google Analytics and Tag Manager, they’ll provide detailed reports, complete with critical metrics, actionable insights, and recommendations for your next campaign.

Visit the Allegiance Group's website to learn more about their digital marketing and Google Grants management.

Getting Started With This Google Grants Agency

Backed by plenty of experience with paid advertising, Allegiance Group empowers nonprofits to increase their visibility on search engines. They’re a reliable partner for all your marketing, fundraising, and technology needs, and you can trust them to create a holistic approach to achieve your goals.

Koios is a full-service Google Grants agency that works exclusively with libraries.

5. Koios

By specializing in libraries, Koios empowers clients to make their resources more discoverable online. Through expert Google Ad Grants management, this agency enables libraries to boost search traffic and expand beyond their existing patron bases.

Trusted by dozens of clients, Koios demonstrates a clear understanding of the program. They work with libraries across the country to make a more profound impact and spread the joy of reading to new audiences via search engine marketing.

Their main services include:

  • Google Grant applications. From getting verified by TechSoup to configuring your Google Ads account, Koios will get your library up and running with the program.
  • Catalog awareness. This is the bedrock of this agency’s services. You’ll provide a complete set of MARC records, which they’ll put online to promote through the Google Ad Grant program. Doing so will bring attention to catalog records that would otherwise be invisible to Google.
  • Targeted ad development. Koios understands that libraries have unique audiences compared to other nonprofits. To help you connect with those users, they’ll develop targeted ads that resonate and drive more clicks. This agency boasts an incredible click-through rate (CTR) of 12.8%, which is well above the industry average of 3%.

Learn more about Koios' approach to Google Grants management by visiting the agency's website.

Getting Started With This Google Grants Agency

Koios provides different pricing packages based on your library’s size. For instance, small libraries with service populations under 15,000 receive a ‘Mini’ rate. This agency even offers a 60-day free trial, so you can determine if their approach meshes well with your goals. Explore their website to learn more about their services.

INTK is a Google Grants manager that works with cultural organizations.


With over 30 nonprofit clients, INTK is a trusted, experienced Google Grants manager. Specializing in cultural organizations, this agency helps clients develop well-rounded digital strategies and achieve more through professional Google Ad Grants management.

Here are the main services INTK offers to help you increase your visibility on search results pages:

  • Google Grants application. With a 99% success rate, INTK will help you apply for the program. If you’re not approved the first time, they’ll take the necessary steps to bring your application in line with what Google is looking for.
  • Campaign maintenance. Their team will create winning campaigns and monitor your account to keep it aligned with Google’s standards.
  • Website development. This agency knows that your website is a vital part of your Google Ad Grants management strategy. While separate from their Google Ad Grant management services, INTK offers website design and development. By creating a site that encapsulates your mission, you’ll have standout landing pages to promote through your Google Ads.

Look at INTK's website to learn more about this Google Grants agency's services.

Getting Started With This Google Grants Agency

If you’re looking for guidance tailored to cultural organizations, INTK might be the perfect fit. Before reaching out, know that they’re based in the Netherlands. As a certified Google Grants agency, they have direct access to the Google Ad Grants team, so they’ll always be in the loop with the program’s latest developments. Browse their website to learn more about their services.

RKD Digital is a Google Grant manager that's certified by Google.

7. RKD Digital

As the first full-service, direct-response company to be added to the Google Grant Certified Professional Community, RKD Digital is one of the best Google Grants agencies out there!

Since 2004, they’ve pioneered digital marketing strategies for their nonprofit clients. With plenty of experience in paid advertising, you can trust this agency to guide you through the complex world of digital marketing.

Through tailored support, they’ll help you maximize your Google Ad Grants budget. Here’s an overview of their primary services:

  • Account activation. From securing your validation token to filling out tedious applications, RKD will walk you through the entire setup process.
  • Holistic strategy development. They’ll work to understand your overarching marketing objectives. That way, they can identify how Google Grants will play into your larger strategies.
  • Account management. RKD will structure your account to maximize results and adhere to the program’s guidelines. In turn, you’ll receive an optimized account filled with ad groups, keywords, and captivating ads.

Check out RKD Digital's website and dive into their Google Grants management services.

Getting Started With This Google Grants Agency

RKD Digital will work closely with your team to get more out of the Google Ad Grants program. Plus, they have some helpful educational resources on their site that offer insights into their approach to Google Grants management.

Digital Ninjas is a certified Google Grants agency.

8. Digital Ninjas

Located in Australia, Digital Ninjas is a Google-certified agency that works with a range of organizations. With a direct line to the Google Ad Grants team, they’re on top of the latest features and programmatic changes. When working with your team, they’ll take the time to get to know your immediate plans and future objectives. That way, they can center your Google Grants strategy around what’s important to your organization.

Whether your mission focuses on animal rescue, women’s rights, or something else, the Digital Ninja team will work alongside you to achieve more through paid advertising. Here’s a rundown of their Google Ad Grants management services:

  • Analytics and reporting. Backed by extensive experience in data management, Digital Ninjas will help you set up Google Analytics. That way, they can measure everything from fundraising results to lead generation and everything in between.
  • Account compliance. They’ll structure your account according to Google’s requirements, making sure you have enough ad groups, high-quality keywords, and ad extensions. They’ll craft campaigns that drive sufficient clicks and conversions, so you can keep your account in good standing.
  • Training. If you want to manage your account in-house, Digital Ninjas offers plenty of training courses to help you do so. From the basics to complete account optimization, they’ll walk you through everything you need to build winning campaigns.

Explore Digital Ninjas' website to learn more about their Google Grants management services.

Getting Started With This Google Grants Agency

Known for their ninja-like speed, Digital Ninjas is ready to take action and supercharge your SEM endeavors. Take a look at their website to learn about their experience with the Google Ad Grants and other types of paid advertising.

Uprise Up is a U.K.-based digital marketing agency that doubles as a Google Grants manager.

9. Uprise Up

Based in the United Kingdom, Uprise Up is a data-driven digital media agency. Using well-honed strategies, they strive to help nonprofits maximize the value of Google Ad Grants. They’re one of the few U.K.-based Google Ad Grants Professional agencies. Thanks to their certification, they have direct access to the Google Ad Grant team, dedicated support channels, program benchmarks, and opportunities to participate in beta tests.

By partnering with them, you’ll receive services like:

  • Campaign strategy. This Google Grants manager has worked side-by-side with organizations and gained firsthand experience. They’ve honed their account management strategies based on this experience, so you can relax knowing they’ll structure your account properly and create effective campaigns.
  • Compliance. Using automated scripts, they’ll continually check that your account adheres to the program’s policies. That way, you’ll never have to worry about your account getting suspended.
  • Account testing. Uprise Up will run your account through their Ad Grant policy checker regularly and will manually monitor your campaign results to ensure they’re driving qualified traffic to your site.

Organizations in the U.K. should check out this Google Grants manager's website.

Getting Started With This Google Grants Agency

If you’re located in the United Kingdom, Uprise Up may be the perfect Google Grants manager to champion your cause. Check out their site to learn more about their services and explore case studies about their work with real organizations.

Final Thoughts on Google Grants Agencies

The Google Ad Grants program is an incredible marketing opportunity for nonprofits. With a carefully-crafted strategy, you can increase your organization’s visibility online and expedite your mission. However, you can only accomplish this if you choose the right keywords, write compelling ads, and follow the program’s guidelines.

A Google Grants manager takes the guesswork out of your SEM strategy. Those with plenty of experience know what it takes to stand out on search engine results pages and inspire clicks.

An agency that works exclusively with Google Ad Grants devotes all of its time learning about the program. Their clients can trust that they’re getting the best advice and connecting with as many prospects as possible. By outsourcing the work to someone with this level of expertise, you’ll set your nonprofit up for success and free up your team’s time for other areas that need your attention.

Our recommended partner, Getting Attention, will champion your cause at every turn. They’re the only team on this list that fully dedicates their time to Google Ad Grants, providing everything you need to activate your account and create successful ad campaigns. Plus, they’re certified by the Google Ads team, so we recommend you reach out to discuss your Google Grant needs.

In the meantime, keep learning about all the great opportunities this program offers! We’ve curated a list of some of our favorite resources:

Get a free consultation with Getting Attention, our recommended Google Grants agency.