Online Greeting Cards: Create Custom eCards for Any Occasion

Online greeting cards are a creative way to personalize the giving experience, say thanks to committed supporters, and spread mission awareness.

Our partners at eCardWidget offer everything you need to create compelling digital cards that inspire your supporters.

Create online greeting cards for your cause.

By offering online greeting cards, your nonprofit can raise money or push other areas of your mission. Whether you want to send them to donors to celebrate special occasions or have staff use them to express appreciation for supporters, your options are limitless.

With the design power in your hands, you can create digital greeting cards for every occasion. Wish someone a happy birthday, spread some love on Valentine’s Day, send thoughtful Mother’s Day wishes, celebrate the year-end holiday season, express condolences, or say thanks.

Going digital means you can skip snail mail and send online greeting cards for less than the price of stamps. If you’re requesting donations in exchange for them, that makes them an easy sell for donors!

Our partners at eCardWidget enable organizations to supercharge their online fundraising and strengthen their brand identities with intuitive eCard creation tools. Backed by eCardWidget, offering online greeting cards is incredibly simple. Tap into unparalleled features like:

  • Intuitive design tools. Kickstart your design with templates. Alternatively, gain complete creative control by adding your branding with your logo, colors, and fonts.
  • Multiple ways to offer eCards. Add a donation option to your digital cards, sell them for fixed prices, or offer them for free to strengthen supporter engagement.
  • Several sharing options. Allow senders to share their digital cards via social media, email, or text message.
  • Easy implementation. Promote your digital greeting cards with a link or by embedding the widget into your website. eCardWidget even offers integrations with WordPress and Shopify to simplify this process.
  • Data management. Measure your impact and get insights into your digital greeting card campaigns with statistics like widget views, open rates, sent emails, and social media shares.

What online greeting card creation tools does eCardWidget offer?

Donation features

Multiple sharing options

Drag & drop digital card designer

Mobile responsive eCard designs

Multi-language support

Customizable email templates

Scheduling and read receipts for senders

eCard campaign statistics

Creative Ideas For Your Online Greeting Cards

Celebrate every occasion with different digital card designs. To spark inspiration, here are some of our favorites.

Birthday eCards

Wish supporters a happy birthday and help them celebrate their loved ones' birthdays with digital greeting cards.
Create a digital greeting card branded to your cause for birthdays.
Create happy birthday digital greeting cards that anyone can send like this one.

Holiday eCards

Spread some holiday cheer with online greeting cards.
Help your supporters wish their moms a happy Mother's Day with a digital greeting card.
Spread some love on Valentine's Day with online greeting cards branded to your cause.
Create digital greeting cards for Christmas like Habitat for Humanity did.
Digital cards can help your supporters celebrate Father's Day.
Create spooky online greeting cards for Halloween.

Thank You eCards

Say thank you to you to those who make a difference in your cause by sending online greeting cards.
Online greeting cards like this example can be used to say thanks to people connected with your mission.
Express appreciation by sending digital cards that say thank you.

Tribute eCards

This digital card helps people express their condolences.
Offer online greeting cards in exchange for tribute donations like the Maryland Food Bank did.
Online greeting cards like this example can be used to express sympathy.

Mission Awareness eCards

Create online greeting cards to emphasize your mission like Project Sleep did for World Narcolepsy Day.
Spread awareness for your cause like Peace Winds did using digital cards.
Create online greeting cards your supporters can use to invite loved ones to events.

4 Convenient Ways to Offer Digital Cards

For Free

Embed the widget into a page on your site. From here, visitors can select their favorites. They’ll click their choice, fill out the recipient’s contact details, and draft a heartfelt message. If you’re offering the cards exclusively to staff members, make sure to make the page private.

During The Donation Process

Embed the widget into its own landing page. From here, each donor can select their preferred digital greeting cards, select a donation amount, fill out their payment details, include a personalized message, and add the recipient’s contact information. After hitting ‘send,’ the donation will go to your nonprofit, while the donor’s loved one receives the digital card.


Add your online greeting cards to your donation confirmation page. As soon as someone submits a gift, they can choose from your collection of cards, fill out the recipient’s contact information, and add a personalized message.

In Your Online Store

Sell your cards for fixed rates by adding them to your organization’s digital fundraising store. After purchasing any digital greeting cards, the widget will appear on their order confirmation page. Then, they can create a customized message and send it to their loved ones.

Online Greeting Card FAQ

Digital giving grows more each year, and today, 66% of charities are worried they will miss out on opportunities for digital fundraising. Online greeting cards can help you make the most of the virtual fundraising space.

Digital cards make staying connected incredibly easy. There’s always an occasion that warrants an eCard. Think about your own personal calendar — it’s probably booked solid with holidays, birthdays, graduations, weddings, and anniversaries.

You can provide supporters with a digital card to celebrate every occasion, even if they simply want to say thanks or send a virtual “hello” to put a smile on their loved ones’ faces. Whether they live across the globe or around the corner, people can stay connected with just a few taps.

With eCardWidget, you have plenty of options for offering your eCards, whether you want to sell, offer them in exchange for donations, or give them for free. If you sell them, that’s a powerful incentive for donors to give to your cause. If you offer them for free, you’ll spark supporter engagement and tap into peer referrals as supporters send as many as they want!

If you work in nonprofit marketing or fundraising, you probably jump at the chance to build brand awareness. Digital cards are no exception.

When your nonprofit designs its own online greeting cards, you can let your creativity run wild and connect your designs to your cause in creative ways. Here are a few ideas to get started:

  • Infuse your official brand elements. Use colors and fonts that are consistent with your organization’s branding to reinforce your brand identity. Add your logo to the corner, no matter what type of card you create.
  • Include a call to action. Use the eCard as an opportunity to encourage your supporters to take a specific action, such as making a donation, attending an event, or volunteering. Even if you don’t use it in the digital card’s design, you can edit the email that will be sent along with each eCard.
  • Use graphics and images connected to your cause. For example, let’s say you work for an animal rescue organization or a zoo. You can create silly Valentine’s Day cards that feature your furry residents and cheesy puns.

By following these tips, your nonprofit can create digital greeting cards that are not only visually appealing but also connected to your cause, helping to strengthen your brand identity.

First, they’ll need to browse your collection, either on your website or in your eStore. From here, the process is pretty straightforward. If you’re selling your digital greeting cards or offering them in exchange for donations, donors will need to:

  1. Select their preferred eCard.
  2. Choose a donation amount or simply make sure they’re okay with the price.
  3. Provide their payment information.
  4. Add a personalized message and the recipient’s contact details.
  5. Choose a method to send their digital card, like email, social media, or text.

If your organization offers the cards for free, users can skip any payment steps and simply personalize the message that will be sent with their digital greeting card.

Digital greeting cards offer an effortless way to stay in touch year-round! You can add them to your digital outreach strategies in unique ways to accomplish the following:

  • Boost your funding. By selling or accepting donations in exchange for digital cards, you can raise money for your cause.
  • Celebrate important occasions. Help your constituents wish their loved ones a happy birthday, send joyful holiday wishes, or express condolences. Your team can even send your online greeting cards to committed donors, volunteers, and sponsors to celebrate big days or milestones.
  • Thank your committed supporters. Donors, sponsors, and other stakeholders are invested in your mission. Express gratitude by sending a digital greeting card to say thanks to supporters.
  • Spread cause awareness. Design digital cards for the specific purpose of promoting your mission. If there’s a cause awareness day or week connected to your work, that’s the perfect opportunity to create cards with compelling visuals and a snippet about your work. From here, challenge supporters to spread the word to their loved ones by sending a free online greeting card.

With some creativity, you can craft compelling designs with eCardWidget, enabling you to use digital cards in these different ways to amplify your work.

How To Create Your Digital Cards

Backed by our preferred eCard creation platform, you can design alluring digital cards in a snap. Here’s what to expect when entrusting eCardWidget to supercharge your online greeting cards:

1. Customize Your Design.
Either kickstart your design with one of the convenient templates or upload your own graphics. In no time, you’ll create a striking design that features your branding and perfectly captures your cause.
2. Sort Your eCards Into Categories.
Keep your digital cards organized by sorting them into fundraising pushes, seasonal events, or specific campaigns.
3. Publish Your Digital Cards.
When you’re satisfied with your design, publish the eCards. You can embed the widget into your microsite, landing page, or core website! Alternatively, add the cards as products in your eStore.

From here, supporters can browse your digital card collection, choose the ones they love most, and send them to their loved ones.

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