Causes Getting Attention:
A Digital Marketing Podcast For Nonprofits

In this interview-style podcast, we speak with nonprofit marketing and industry professionals asking them to share actionable marketing tips and strategies they use to drive real results.

Join us as we search for innovative ways nonprofits are connecting and engaging with donors online.

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Latest Digital Marketing Podcast Episodes

Episode #1

How Cars Drives Online Fundraising Success For 3,500 Nonprofits

Justin Ruffier, Director of Marketing at CARS, shares real examples of how they process 100,000 vehicle donations per year.

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Episode #2

How To Get The Most Out Of Google Adwords Grants For Your Nonprofit

Grant Hensel, CEO of Nonprofit Megaphone, breaks down Google Adwords grants for nonprofits and shares real success stories.

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Episode #3

How UCCC's First Digital Marketing Campaign Helped Raise Over $300K

Aleshia Patterson shares marketing strategies used to raise $300,000 for annual campaigns while increasing their online presence.

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Episode #4

What Is Social SEO? Ian Adair Shares What You Need To Know

Ian Adair, CEO of the Gracepoint Foundation, explains what a social CEO is and shares helpful tips social media tips for nonprofits.

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