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Digital Marketing Plan Template For Nonprofits

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What does success look like for your nonprofit and how do you measure it? Is your goal to grow awareness to your mission or generate more donations online? If so, by how much? By defining clear goals you set the tone for what you hope your digital marketing will achieve.

In this guide, we share actionable strategies and tactics we’ve used to grow our website’s traffic to over 300,000 visitors. By the end you’ll have the knowledge you need to expand your audience reach and to connect with the right prospective donors online.

Ultimately, the goal is to provide your nonprofit with a road map to create, develop, and mature your digital marketing. This template is perfect whether you’re flying solo and looking to grow or an established organization wanting to increase it’s brand awareness.

Chapter breakdown.

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Content Marketing Strategy

Digital Promotion Strategies

Digital Marketing Process

Search Engine Optimization

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