How to Market Your Mission In Product Fundraising: 3 Tips

November 17, 2023 0 Comments

Nonprofits are always looking for new and innovative ways to fundraise. While it’s important to keep fundraising fresh and exciting for your supporters, it’s also crucial to remind them what you’re actually raising money for.

Marketing your mission should remain a top priority in your fundraising efforts. With product fundraising, you can easily incorporate your mission and show donors the cause they’re supporting with their contributions.

In this guide, we’ll cover what product fundraising is and how your mission ties in. Let’s get started!

What is Product Fundraising?

When you host a product fundraiser, you sell products to your supporters, and the proceeds go toward your cause. It’s an engaging spin on typical fundraising because donors get something in return for their donations.

There is a variety of products you can sell during a product fundraiser. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Food. Who doesn’t love bringing home a tasty new snack? ABC Fundraising recommends selling popcorn during your product fundraiser since you can earn up to 70% profit. Other popular food products you can sell include candy, cookie dough, pretzels, and pizza.
  • Branded merchandise. With branded merchandise, your donors can publicly show off their support for your cause. Whether you sell t-shirts, hats, or mugs with your logo on them, your nonprofit will get the added benefit of extra marketing when your supporters sport their merchandise. Plus, you can add a tagline about your mission on the merchandise to market your cause even further.
  • Discount cards. Donors will love the opportunity to save money and support your cause simultaneously. Hosting a discount card fundraiser allows you to provide discounts to local restaurants and shops while collecting donations in support of your mission.

While the concept of product fundraising is simple, it may seem daunting to secure the products and sell them on your own. To make the process easier, partner with a product fundraiser provider who facilitates product ordering and distribution. All you’ll have to do is promote your fundraiser to your supporters!

How to Market Your Mission in Product Fundraising: 3 Tips

During your product fundraiser, it’s important to remind your supporters that they’re not just buying a product; they’re contributing to your cause and supporting your mission.

Put your mission at the forefront of your product fundraising with these three tips:

This image shows three tips for marketing your mission in product fundraising, as outlined in the text below.

1. Create an online product fundraising page.

Adding a product fundraising page to your website gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your mission and the initiatives raised funds will go toward. Additionally, this page can provide a continuous revenue source for your nonprofit.

When designing your product fundraising page, include a section that illustrates your mission and specifies what initiatives or projects funds raised will support. For example, an animal shelter may state that its mission is to “provide happy homes for animals in need” and that money raised from a dog biscuit fundraiser will offset adoption costs so more pets can find loving owners.

Taking your product fundraising efforts online also makes it easier to track donors and upload their information to your constituent relationship management platform (CRM) for future reference. Since you know these supporters are interested in your mission, you can send them further opportunities to contribute to your cause.

2. Pair product fundraising with other initiatives.

Make product fundraising more impactful by combining it with other fundraising activities or events. That way, donors will see a clearer connection between their purchases and your mission.

For example, a school hosting a back-to-school night might sell branded merchandise at the event. At the merchandise table, your nonprofit’s volunteers may inform potential buyers that proceeds from each sale will go toward building a new playground to keep students healthy and active.

To market your mission further, distribute business cards or flyers with information about your organization and mission with every purchase. You can also add information about your mission and product fundraiser in your event marketing materials and on social media to spread the word.

3. Inform donors of their impact.

Marketing your mission with product fundraising doesn’t have to end after you make a sale. After the fundraiser is over, follow up with donors promptly to thank them for their support.

When you thank your donors, demonstrate the impact their contributions will make. You may even include a storytelling element that brings your mission to life.

For example, a children’s hospital might tell the story of Elizabeth, a patient who received a new blanket to comfort her during her treatment as a result of a recent product fundraiser. Stories like these show donors that their support touches the lives of real people and encourages them to continue giving in the future.

It can be easy for nonprofits to get caught up in fundraising logistics and forget to emphasize the main purpose of their efforts: their missions. With a mission-forward product fundraiser, your organization can raise money while clearly communicating to potential supporters how their gifts make a difference. As a result, you’ll increase transparency and inspire more support for your cause.