Matching Gift Automation: What 11 Nonprofits Have to Say

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Matching Gift Software ReviewsNP Source is devoted to providing nonprofits with the knowledge and resources they need to grow their digital marketing and fundraising efforts to new heights. A big part of that involves exploring the software systems available to such organizations.

We’ve done our research and heard what nonprofit professionals have to say about matching gift software. And we’ve compiled a list of matching gift software reviews from the leading provider, Double the Donation, for your benefit.

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What to Look For in a Matching Gift Software Vendor

Considering a matching gift tool for the first time (or upgrading from an existing solution)? Go into the buying process knowing what to expect. To help, we’ve pulled a few top-recommend factors to look for.

These include:

Matching Gift Software Reviews [What to Look For Checklist]

  • Onboarding ⁠— Prioritize matching gift software that offers a user-friendly onboarding process. The smoother the transition, the quicker your team can begin driving matching gifts for your cause.
  • Support ⁠— A responsive and knowledgeable support team is essential⁠—during the initial onboarding and beyond. Ensure any potential provider offers timely assistance when facing technical issues or questions.
  • Integrations ⁠— Matching gift software is most effective (and easiest to manage) when connected directly to your existing fundraising tools. Thus, look for a system that offers seamless integrations with your donation platform, CRM, and peer-to-peer giving tools.
  • Back-end ease of use ⁠— Your matching gift tool’s back-end interface should be smart and user-friendly. A clean design and intuitive navigation empower your nonprofit team to efficiently manage matching gift opportunities with ease.
  • Donor-facing ease of use ⁠— Similarly, ensure your donors find it easy to utilize the software. A straightforward process encourages donors to engage with the tool, ultimately boosting matching gift participation.
  • Database comprehensiveness ⁠— You want your donors to find the information they need using your matching gift database. Ensure the software covers a wide range of companies and their forms and is regularly refreshed with accurate and up-to-date data.
  • Reporting ⁠— Look for software that provides detailed insights into matching gift progress, trends, and other relevant metrics. Robust reporting facilitates informed decision-making and aids in demonstrating the impact of your efforts to stakeholders.

Carefully evaluate these elements in your matching gift software buying. Choose the solution that best aligns with your goals, enhances your fundraising, and maximizes your individual and corporate donor engagement.

Industry-Leading Matching Gift Provider, Double the Donation

According to our analysis of the aforementioned criteria, along with its overwhelmingly positive user testimonials, we’ve determined that the industry-leading matching gift software provider is a company called Double the Donation.

DTD Logo - Matching Gift Software Reviews, leading provider

When it comes to elevating your nonprofit’s fundraising potential through matching gifts, Double the Donation’s cutting-edge automation platform stands out as a game-changing solution. With more than 94 technology integrations between the leading nonprofit donation tools, donor management systems, peer-to-peer fundraising software, and more, 360MatchPro by Double the Donation is designed to seamlessly fit into your existing fundraising strategies. This allows users to maximize the impact of corporate giving and boost their revenue streams with ease.

Not to mention, 360MatchPro is designed to simplify the process of identifying and following up with matching gift opportunities, using its extensive database to provide donors with detailed and company-specific matching gift insights to guide their steps. In doing so, studies indicate that organizations equipped with Double the Donation’s tools identify, on average, 77% more match-eligible donations. And increase their matching gift revenue by over 61%!

DTD’s Matching Gift Software Reviews From Nonprofits [+ Takeaways]

We selected eleven insightful matching gift software testimonials from Double the Donation’s Google reviews page, along with the star rating the user provided (out of 5). And with each, you’ll find a key takeaway that our team identified as a main point from the evaluation.

Matching Gift Software ReviewsWithout further ado, here’s what nonprofits of all shapes, sizes, and sectors are saying…

Tony Chausse, Movember


Double the Donation (DtD) is a great SaaS solution for small, medium, and large NPOs who want to grow their gift-matching revenue.

DtD syncs up with your CRM, has a dashboard, allows customizable automated emails, and has numerous other features that will help your NPO easily track and grow your gift-matching revenue.

The company itself is incredibly friendly and has a customer-first focused mindset which is helpful if any issues arise. The NPO I work with has used the services at DtD for 3+ years now, and we are incredibly happy with their service and will continue working with them.”

Key Takeaway:

Double the Donation is equipped with a standout client success team, widespread integrations, and more that lead to long-lasting partnerships with the organizations they support.

Usha Ramamurthy, Protect Our Winters


We are very pleased with our decision to have Double the Donation.

The process was easy, the service is stellar, and the results seem to be fantastic. The continued follow-up they provide is especially great and demonstrates a true desire to be partners. Bravo!”

Key Takeaway:

If you’re looking for a software provider that takes a real interest in your organization and its ongoing success, Double the Donation is an excellent partner to have.

Lisa Sachs, The Shlenker School


I have nothing but positive things to say about our entire experience with Double the Donation!

Everything has been seamless and so easy to set up and use. We installed the plugin on our website, set it up on the host page, and have begun sharing with our community in only a few hours time!

We have been looking for a tool like this for a couple of years, but everything we have found has been cost-prohibitive. This finally fits our budget and our needs, and we couldn’t be happier.

I even used the software myself to secure a matching donation from my husband’s company for my organization.”

Key Takeaway:

Double the Donation is a cost-effective solution for organizations looking to integrate matching gifts throughout every aspect of their fundraising.

Evan Bonsett-Veal, Lung Cancer Research Foundation


The entire Double the Donation team was exceptional throughout the entire process.

They really took the time to understand our organization’s needs and went out of their way to get us up and running on a tight deadline. Customer service was great with everyone at Double the Donation, and the documentation provided is clear and concise, allowing us to really hit the ground running. Huge thanks to their team once again!”

Key Takeaway:

Double the Donation is able to work with organizations to expedite the onboarding process to meet specific deadlines. This can be particularly useful in the case of upcoming Giving Days, the end-of-year fundraising season, and more.

Valerie Claus, Florida State University Foundation


Double the Donation has been a great partner in helping elevate our matching gifts program.

We are able to provide our donors with an easy way to search for their company and complete the matching gifts process. It was an easy integration with our system, and we are discovering new employer information from our constituents, which will help us refine our matching gift strategies.”

Key Takeaway:

Double the Donation offers an intuitive experience for the software’s end user, making it easier than ever for donors to learn about and participate in their employers’ matching gift programs. Not to mention their expansive partnership network enables a seamless onboarding process that drives automatically drives results.

Beth E. Johnston, FSHD Society


From the Leadership to the Support Team, everyone at Double the Donation has been excellent to work with!

The tool itself is simple to set up and use, and we’re already seeing amazing ROI with matching gifts. Very happy with the organization and the system!”

Key Takeaway:

When Double the Donation uncovers matching gifts, it’s essentially able to pay for its own subscription cost. As a result, the organizations that purchase it are able to benefit from a high return on their initial investment⁠—often sooner rather than later.

Aaron Hock, The James Beard Foundation


We had a seamless experience with Double the Donation!

Their system is so easy to set up and integrate with Salesforce and Classy (in our case), and Michaela, our onboarding specialist, was thorough, patient, and friendly. The 360MatchPro interface is very user-friendly. They were great about following up at different points after our initial onboarding to make sure the system was operating smoothly and that we had completed all of the necessary steps. We are excited to kick off some more robust fundraising campaigns in the coming months and to see the return on investment that the tool provides in securing employer matches!”

Key Takeaway:

The onboarding experience is a smooth one, with a top-notch support team able to assist through the entire process.

Robert Rund, CelloBello


Every aspect of working with Double the Donation has been a stellar experience.

From the sale to the onboarding training and the ongoing customer support has been exceptional. I am thrilled with the function of the 360MatchPro software, and it promises to not leave any matching gift dollars on the table. Our organization needs this additional support, and it is great to be able to help donors find an easy way to double their gifts.”

Key Takeaway:

Enlisting Double the Donation’s matching gift software, 360MatchPro, empowers organizations to raise more funding through available matching gift programs.

Bruce Wirth, c89.5 Public Radio


I’ve been in the nonprofit field for 26 years, and I can say, hands-down, that Double the Donation is one of the best partners I’ve worked with.

Their product is an outstanding adjunct to our membership fundraising. Their donor engagement functions are robust, integration with our CRM is seamless, and their support is outstanding. By far, the best employer-matching system out there.”

Key Takeaway:

Experienced fundraisers are left satisfied and impressed with the functionality, integrations, and support offerings made available through Double the Donation.

Hillary McCarley, Indiana Children’s Wish Fund


Onboarding Experience – 10 out of 10!

I love that emails are set up for me and automatically go out. I am a one-person shop, and Double the Donation will save me so much time and energy by the automation.

Right now, I am so pleased with the training provided and the fact that Sarah is available if I have additional questions!”

Key Takeaway:

Double the Donation allows organizations with limited time and resources to streamline their matching gift processes through automation.

Patricia McGurl, Rylie’s Rescue


Our organization, Rylie’s Rescue (foster-based dog rescue), just loves Double the Donation because it helps us to capture potential donations we would have otherwise missed.

And it automates the entire process. It integrates seamlessly on our GiveButter form.”

Key Takeaway:

Tons of potential matching gifts are left unclaimed every year, largely due to a lack of awareness and organizations’ not having the time and resources to promote the opportunity on their own. Double the Donation helps secure those otherwise missed donations through automation!

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Wrapping Up

In the realm of nonprofit fundraising, the right tools can redefine an organization’s path to success. The testimonials from these eleven organizations illustrate the transformative power of matching gift technology—particularly that of the leading provider, Double the Donation.

By reading these matching gift software reviews, we hope that you’ve gained an understanding of the way that such a tool can benefit your own operations. From its ability to streamline processes and multiply revenue streams, matching gift software empowers organizations to make the most of their resources, further engage donors, and identify additional avenues for corporate support.

If you’re interested in getting started, you can request a personalized demo of Double the Donation’s matching gift platform here. Best of luck!

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