Digital Marketing Strategy Services For Nonprofits

Develop, plan, and execute digital marketing strategies that will grow your nonprofit.

Digital Marketing Strategy Services

Digital marketing is one of the most overwhelming functions of any organization. With all the strategies and tactics to choose from including social media, content marketing, paid advertising, and SEO, it’s difficult to know what investments will reach your goals. Too often are these marketing activities siloed in organizations, which results in wasted resources and lost opportunities. A custom digital marketing strategy backed by a formal program with established processes ensures your nonprofit’s digital marketing moves in the right direction.

Our experienced digital marketing strategy team will work with your nonprofit to:

  • Clearly define your digital marketing goals and objectives
  • Analyze online marketing properties to identify opportunities
  • Conduct audience and donor research to find where they can be reached
  • Develop a custom digital strategy to grow awareness and increase conversions
  • Integrate existing digital marketing strategies into a formal program

What digital marketing strategy services do we offer?

Digital marketing strategy & planning

Remote marketing consulting

Key performance indicator (KPI) tracking and optimization

Content distribution & outreach planning

Marketing operations & project management

Develop a formal marketing program

Routine strategic calls with a dedicated digital marketing strategist

ROI measurements & optimization


We believe in providing as much value with every engagement as possible and our team will work tirelessly to deliver on this promise. While we cannot guarantee results, we do put our strategies and tactics into practice on our own website. We recommend you check out our free marketing resources, blog posts, and podcast episodes to see if we can help your nonprofit grow.

Every organization’s challenges and goals are different, which is why we don’t offer fix priced packages. You can request a free consultation with a digital marketing strategist to learn what kind of investments you’ll need to make to reach your marketing goals.

Think of a digital marketing strategist as your account manager, marketing expert, and project manager all wrapped up into one. Our specialists clearly translate the value of your marketing activities, is involved in creating your strategy, and keeps the project moving forward by ensuring deadlines are met. As a result, the strategist gains a deep understanding of what your organization is working to achieve.

Our team has a deep passion and understanding for the unique challenges that nonprofits face in attracting and retaining donors, generating awareness for program or service offerings, and maximizing the value received from fundraising events. From the very start we’ll assign a dedicated digital marketing strategist to your account. You’ll also be involved in every step of the process with routine strategic calls and progress reports.

Our Approach

Introduction Call

Every engagement starts with a conversation. No hard sell or fancy “packages” that promise likes, followers, and shares. We want to take the time to learn about you and your mission as well as your digital marketing goals.

Marketing Opportunities Analysis

We assess your website on a number of factors including conversion opportunities, page speed, competitive analysis, and SEO to uncover opportunities in your space. Then we establish key performance indicators (KPIs) for your marketing campaigns to ensure all actions work towards achieving your goals.

Strategic Discussion and Planing

No engagement is the same which is why there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to digital marketing. We’ll begin by identifying your core audience’s needs online. From there, we create a message and position your brand in front of that audience to maximize exposure, whether it’s through investments in SEO, Content Marketing, or Paid Advertising.

Project Implementation

Once you’ve got a plan it’s time to put it into action. Whether you need assistance to aid your internal marketing team or want to outsource the implementation completely, we’re here to help. We will manage the implementation process from beginning to end and continue to work with you to nurture and mature your digital marketing program.

Learn and Adjust

Marketing is part social and part science. Social in that we are engaging with humans and science because we are testing assumptions based on data backed evidence. That’s why we work to perfect your campaigns and maximize your investments. You’ll be involved in the process every step of the way with monthly progress reports and routine strategic calls.

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